Shift+6 4: Frank Macreery, CTO, Aptible

October 30, 2020
James Lloyd CTO & Co-founder

Today’s guest is Frank Macreery CTO and co-founder at Aptible. Frank and the team at Aptible were incredibly influential in helping Redox get our start and we have many mutual customers today. Aptible provides security infrastructure for developers making applications that need to be compliant with HIPAA, SOC2, etc. 

Big thanks to Frank for sharing his insights with us! 

Key Moments

01:06 – Frank’s description of Aptible and their products
02:57 – From a Princeton dorm room to Aptible
05:04 – Tradeoff decisions in building an infrastructure product
10:00 – Transitioning from one to two products
12:09 – When does it make sense to get security certifications like HITRUST
16:00 – Current technology challenges
21:20 – Advice for folks just starting out
22:51 – Special considerations towards growing your team
26:10 – Resources for people new to the health tech space

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