The Redox Podcast 42: Crashing primary care and dialysis with Dr. Andrew Schutzbank

June 15, 2021
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

The Redox Podcast is back with the meaning of life on episode 42!

Dr. Andrew Schutzbank is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Harvard, Chief Product Officer at Cricket Health, and was formerly the SVP of Product at Iora Health. We discuss technology adoption and creation in primary care, payment models, business models, and what can be learned in the specialty space, with particular focus in the diabetes world in his work at Cricket. 

This podcast is full of quotables from Andrew and fascinating takes that stem from his wealth of experience in different healthcare sectors.

“But remember the incentive alignment are initial conditions, they’re not final conditions. It’s merely what sets the stage to let you play and actually start to fix medicine and solve some of the real problems.“

Dr. Andrew Schutzbank

“This is why people get frustrated when they build their own software…because most people don’t want to clarify things that well. We want to speak in broad stroke, but you can’t build software in broad strokes, the software has to have an opinion”

Dr. Andrew Schutzbank

Source mentioned:

Doubling Down: Lessons Learned from building a new electronic health record as a part of primary care practice redesign


Iora Health is a primary care delivery company creating de novo primary care practices with the mission of restoring humanity to health care. To support our very different and evolving model of team-based primary care we realized we needed to build our own electronic health record (EHR). This perspective shares four key lessons from the software development process: the tight relationship between delivery innovation and software development, the benefits of Agile development, the value of having the clinicians at all levels as part of the software development team, and different ways to think about clinical information.

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