Transformative value-based care and patient trust with Dr. Kenny Cole on Diagnosing Healthtech

November 18, 2023
Kathryn Perszyk

It’s logical for healthcare leaders to think that pairing top-notch clinicians with the best technology would be a recipe for health system success. But the formula for achieving optimal healthcare has proven to be much more complex, especially during a time when value-based care is emerging as a promising alternative to the more traditional and costly fee-for-service medicine.

Dr. Kenny Cole knows this better than most. During his 22 years as a practicing physician, Dr. Cole has spent much of his career working to improve clinical care and currently serves as the System VP of Clinical Improvement at Ochsner Health System. In this episode, we get his perspective on how health systems can work to improve outcomes and gain patient trust by enabling higher levels of patient engagement, balancing the human and digital connection, and optimizing transformative vs. incremental initiatives in value-based care.

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