Vital Lines September 2023

September 26, 2023
Shelly Lucas Creative Director

CMS creates all-payer model for states

CMS is offering an all-payer funding opportunity of up to $12M for eight states to improve population health.

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Bright spots remain in digital health funding

According to PitchBook, the categories receiving the most funding this year are teletherapy and behavioral health as well as care coordination and navigation.

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DEA’s proposed rule gets pushback

Six senators have voiced concerns about the DEA’s proposed telehealth rule, which prevents doctors from prescribing controlled substances without an in-person visit.

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Best Buy expands RPM partnership

Best Buy is scaling its RPM program with Geisinger, which leverages Geek Squad agents for device tech support.

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The 411 on FHIR stores

Heard about FHIR stores, but not quite sure what they do—or why you might want to build one? Wonder no more.

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Generative AI alters cloud architecture

Adding generative AI systems? Don’t get so immersed in system processing that you overlook data quality and accessibility, says Deloitte’s Cloud Strategy Officer.

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Private clouds: Poised for a comeback?

Two trends might be changing the game for private clouds: 1) flat/increased pricing for the public cloud and 2) dropping data center costs.

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Pharma falls short of patient-centricity

Experts say orphan drug developers need tech infrastructure, policies, and procedures to overcome patients’ distrust.

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Practical AI advice for providers

Everyone’s buzzing about AI’s impact on the future of healthcare. But what makes sense for providers to be doing with AI right now? Two CMIOs weigh in.

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