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Feeding management, lactation analytics and patient engagement

Keriton Kare is the most advanced feeding management, lactation analytics and patient engagement platform for neonatal ICUs. With end-to-end process automation and validation, Keriton’s HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform significantly lowers the nurses’ time spent on breast milk management, reduces errors and automatically generates an audit trail for the process. The Keriton Kare platform also aims to improve expression of breast milk in lactating NICU mothers by enhancing their pumping experience, which has been empirically linked to improved clinical outcomes. This is made possible with real-time lactation analytics (for proactive intervention) and integrated patient engagement tools (like secured chat and photo sharing).

The Keriton Kare platform was built not just to be a fancy tag and track system, but to solve the baseline problem – improve the pumping adherence for NICU moms (who find it hard to pump away from their babies) and to help babies get more breast milk.

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