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mHealth technology for health plans

Our company is committed to growing healthy families. We were born from the experiences of our founder and CEO, who struggled with her own high-risk pregnancy. Information was siloed, support was elusive and not personalized, and it was difficult to navigate the resources available to her. As an experienced healthcare executive, she decided to use her own journey as a catalyst for helping employers, health plans and hospitals improve the experience, and ultimately the health outcomes, of women and families across the country.

Our first solution was a mobile app that helped women have healthy babies, digitally guiding them through their pregnancy journey, identifying risk, and connecting them with personalized care. Since then, we have contracted with organizations that cover nearly 50 million Americans and have grown from a pregnancy application into a digital solution that addresses evolving needs, from family planning to pregnancy to pediatrics and beyond.

We empower women and their families to confidently navigate and access the care they need, when they need it. By deeply integrating our technology into healthcare and personalizing the user experience, we help the entire healthcare ecosystem meet the expectations of today’s consumer, driving a meaningful impact on health for entire families.

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