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The overall goal of the program is to improve quality, reduce the total cost of care, and shift from service-based payments to quality-based payments.

Currently, there are six AEs that participate in the Medicaid AE Program in RI, including IHP. We are unique in that we are the only AE in the state comprised of nine partners: five FQHCs, and four CMHCs (one CHC is also a CMHC). Other AEs in the state may only be comprised of a single private practice, a single FQHC, or a hospital-based primary care practice.

Lastly, IHP is contracted with two Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO); Neighborhood Health Plans of RI (NHPRI) and United Health Care (UHC).

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Specialty clinics and hospitals

Speciality clinics and hospitals provide comprehensive care, including diagnostic testing, treatment, and follow-up care. Specialty clinics often work in collaboration with primary care providers and other specialists to provide coordinated care for patients, and may have access to advanced treatments and technologies that are not available in general practice settings.

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