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At Lakeview, our specialty physicians and caregivers offer comprehensive medical care for you and your family with state-of-the-art treatments and facilities. But beyond just caring for you as a patient, we also care for you as a person. No matter which of our four convenient clinics you visit, youll always be treated with personalized attention, consideration and dignity. Lisa M. Chapman, M.D.- OB/GYN has joined Lakeview Clinic and will see patients in our Waconia and Chaska offices! Peter Rogers, D.O. Internal Medicine and Pediatric has joined Lakeview Clinic! He will see patients in Chaska and Norwood. Michelle Flaskerud, NP-C has joined Lakeview Clinic! She will see patients at all of our sites. Heather Hagen, M.D.- Pediatrician has joined Lakeview Clinic. She will see patients in Watertown and Waconia. Maggie Kennealy, PA-C has joined Lakeview Clinic and will see patients in our Waconia and Chaska locations! Starting September 19th Todd Holcomb, M.D. will no longer be seeing patients in Chaska. He will be full time in Waconia.

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Speciality clinics and hospitals provide comprehensive care, including diagnostic testing, treatment, and follow-up care. Specialty clinics often work in collaboration with primary care providers and other specialists to provide coordinated care for patients, and may have access to advanced treatments and technologies that are not available in general practice settings.

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