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The passion for creating Specialty Infusion’s state-of-the-art centers was spearheaded by Elan Katz (RPh) and Jake Deutsch (MD) – the visionary co-founders. It is through the combined extensive medical and operational experience of these two healthcare professionals that Specialty Infusion has become credited for providing a superior patient experience. This is evidenced through our medical centers that feature exceptional privacy and comfort, along with valuable savings programs that serve to reduce the out-of-pocket cost for each patient. Specialty Infusion Centers accept all major insurance plans for medically necessary treatments and the team works hard to ensure our patients can schedule their treatments when they need and want them, as to not delay much needed infusion therapy.

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Infusion clinics

Infusion clinics provide convenient and personalized care for patients who require IV treatments. Infusion clinics can be a more cost-effective alternative to hospital-based care for certain types of IV treatments, and employ a team of trained healthcare professionals who specialize in administering treatments safely and efficiently.

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