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Onboard healthcare data to Google Cloud with ease

Don’t let your digital transformation sputter and stall

Building a FHIR® store is foundational to enable nearly any use case in Google Cloud, but it can be a struggle to establish real-time integration between EHRs, other legacy systems, and Google Healthcare Data Engine or Google Cloud Healthcare API. You must have an in-depth understanding of both legacy (HL7v2®, X12®, C-CDA®) and modern (FHIR®) data standards, and the technical capacity to process massive volumes of data at scale.

Redox Nova™ for Google does both. It will shorten the time to implement to just weeks, and ensure the ongoing, reliable flow of data after go-live. With the right data in Google Cloud, you can create truly longitudinal patient views and utilize the full suite of Google-native tools and services  to empower caregivers, make data-driven decisions, advance research at scale, and more.

Nova to Google Cloud architecture

Whether you’re looking to supercharge analytics with Google Cloud-native analytic tools like BigQuery, Cloud AutoML, Vertex AI, or Notebook, streamline processes with Workflows, or create 360 patient views with Care Studio, Nova can reduce the friction of getting the right data in the right place – transforming nearly any legacy standard to Google Cloud FHIR, fast to fuel your FHIR store.

How Redox Nova helps health data integration into Google Cloud

Modernize without overhauling your tech stack

Translate any legacy standard including HL7 CDA®, DICOM®, HL7v2®, and X12® into modern, readable FHIR for easy ingestion to your Google FHIR store.

Accelerate time to value

Make your data useful and get the most out of your cloud investments in just weeks. Reimagine patient experiences, reduce physician burden, streamline operations, and more.

Scale with confidence

Process millions of messages from legacy systems in real-time, while maintaining data integrity and security.

Maintain with ease

Unparalleled 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support ensure you keep innovating, even through source system upgrades and changes.

Nova for Google Cloud features

Nova included features

  • Connection to cloud data store
  • Legacy translation support
    • C-CDA to FHIR mapping
    • HL7v2 to FHIR mapping
    • DICOM to FHIR mapping
    • X12 to FHIR mapping
  • Derivation logic
  • Backload support
  • Advanced message processing
  • Dashboard single sign-on
  • Advanced alert handling
  • Custom authentication support

Integration management and support

  • Access to dashboard with multi-factor authentication
  • User access to testing environments
  • Access to API developer tools
  • 24/7 production support
  • System monitoring and alerting
  • Transaction logs with free text search capabilities
  • Message filtering
  • Redox documentation
  • Integration education resources
  • Platform API

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