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You have enough to worry about creating the workflows and experiences that maximize the value of your product. You may be the key to the stability of the entire healthcare industry. But, no pressure.

Add Redox to your tool belt and let us help you bring clinical and administrative data together faster to create the workflows and experiences that maximize the value of your product.

Revenue cycle management composable patient experience diagram

Collect pre-visit information

Gather and send patient registration information to the EHR, connect with payers to check patient eligibility and benefits, request prior authorization from payers, and more.

Collect pre-visit information image

Simplify claim submissions

Review and update EHR clinical information/coding to ensure the accuracy of claim submissions, submit and check the status of claims with payers.

Simplify claim submissions image

Streamline payment workflows

Receive financial and/or claim information from EHRs to engage patients, connect them with other financial resources and collect payment. Send a record of payment back to the EHR.

Streamline payment workflows image

Audit accounts receivable follow-up

Review EHR data to ensure providers get reimbursed correctly for services provided. Supports charge capture audit, underpayment recovery, denial management, and more.

Audit accounts receivable follow-up image

Gain insights and remove barriers

Collect EHR data to understand opportunities to increase revenue, impact cost drivers, improve quality, and more.

Gain insights and remove barriers image

Manage payer reconciliation

Retrieve clinical data on behalf of payers to help them optimize revenue and improve quality outcomes.

Manage payer reconciliation image

Prior authorization in action

Redox is helping RCM companies, providers, and payers bring clinical and administrative data together to solve one of healthcare’s biggest challenges – prior authorization. Learn how.

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Fixing Prior Authorization in Healthcare

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