X12 to FHIR translation

X12 translation is the fastest and easiest way to integrate with major payers and clearinghouses

X12 to FHIR Product Features

  • Modernize your workflows by removing faxes and manual steps which lead to significant back-and-forth and delays in care.
  • Unify data insights by using FHIR by converting X12 to FHIR (and back again) for supercharged analytics, intelligence, and reporting.
  • Scale seamlessly through Redox to many clearinghouses, payers, and healthcare organizations with one endpoint.

X12 to FHIR use cases

Request prior authorization

Reduce the chances of disputed claims and improve patient experiences by leveraging Redox’s prior authorization data exchange capabilities to confirm the payer’s intent to pay for high cost services or prescriptions.

Request Eligibility Check

Build better patient payment experiences by surfacing up eligibility information that explains the patient’s financial obligations and other insurance coverage details.

Check Claim Status

Better manage your collections process by inquiring about the status of submitted claims to understand when payment will be received for services already performed.

Sending and Receiving Claims

Easily manage your claims process via a single endpoint that allows you to easily submit claims and receive payment for those claims that have already been submitted. Also receive historical claim payments for analysis.

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X12 gets lit tech talk

Nick Hatt’s tech talk on how to turn X12 to FHIR (and back again) for a variety of workflows.


Prior Authorization Case Study

Check out our X12 to FHIR translation in action in this prior authorization case study.


HL7 FHIR DevDays Recap

Check out a recap of the 2022 FHIR DevDays and replay Garrett Rhodes’ X12 to FHIR talk from the event.

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