Building a FHIR data store

Create a competitive advantage in the future of healthcare

Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie
Group Product Manager

Vivian Neilley

Vivian Neilley
Product Manager

Make sure your data is ready for anything that technology, the industry, the regulators (or your boss) throws at you

If you are looking to build an AI strategy, create longitudinal patient records, enable product innovation, stay ahead of quality and compliance requirements, or all of the above, a FHIR store is a good place to start.

Translating and normalizing healthcare data from various disparate sources into a single, secure FHIR data store is helping organizations enable their first use case, while also building a foundation that accelerates all future use cases. 

Watch our tech talk to learn:

  • Why you should store data in FHIR
  • What you can do with a FHIR data store
  • The challenges you may face when building a FHIR store
  • How to overcome them