DICOM to FHIR interoperability considerations and impact on digital health integrations

Garrett Rhodes

Garrett Rhodes

Product Manager

Don’t wait for pigs to fly. Get muddy with us with the ins and outs of mapping DICOMweb™ in FHIR.

In a world where there are hundreds (thousands?) of different vendors offering imaging equipment, DICOM has successfully kept chaos at bay. Today when “installing new imaging equipment in the hospital and plugging it into the network, it can immediately query the medical imaging archive, retrieve images that were created by other systems and display them… All of this is done without any changes or modifications to any of the involved system software.” (aka a little bit of healthcare magic).

This being said, mapping the standard into FHIR is an excellent option for developers who want to use DICOM metadata and/or images in the workflows and experiences they are building—but want to keep things simple by working with just the FHIR standard. The DICOM standard is so ingrained that we are more likely to see pigs fly before it goes away. But don’t fret—it is a path that we can help remove some friction.

Join us to learn:

  • The impact of DICOM metadata/images and the opportunity within industry macro trends
  • What digital health builders need to understand about DICOM
  • Ways you can bring the value of DICOM to your customers fast


  • Garrett Rhodes, Emerging Markets Product Manager, Redox


  • Jessica Bonham-Werling, Payer and Provider Solutions Marketing, Redox