EHR integration best practices with Medicom Health

EHR integration best practices webinar

How do you know if your EHR integration strategy is optimized?

It is one thing to have a live connection successfully sending data. It is another to have a streamlined process that can be reproduced with great predictability.

In this webinar, we will learn from Sarah Vandenplas, PMP, and Director of Project Management at Medicom Health.

Sarah has lead multiple Redox powered EHR integration projects and has developed a continuously improving process that ensures Medicom Health’s integrations are not only successful but predictable.

If you are responsible for the EHR integration strategy of your organization, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss!

We will look closely at:

  • What metrics are valuable to measure and optimize
  • How to improve integration times and resources required over time
  • How to put your best foot forward with Healthcare Organizations
  • Join us as we learn from one of the best in the business! Carolynn Stuart Brinkerhoff, a senior Integration Manager at Redox, will lead the discussion.

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