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Should I build or buy an EHR integration solution?

Learn the secrets to fast, painless integrations

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How to evaluate EHR integration as a service

For digital health application developers, creating a stellar healthcare product is just the beginning. Regardless of your product development and marketing plans, your EHR integration strategy is vital to your success.

EHR integration can be complex and time-intensive, but it’s crucial to health systems. Having a fully fleshed out integration strategy can be critical to closing more deals and propelling revenue growth.

In this whitepaper, we’ll answer the following burning questions:

  • Why is EHR integration important?
  • Does my team need the skills to handle a variety of formats like X12, FHIR® or HL7® message processing?
  • How can a vendor shoulder the burden of integration?

In a recent HIMSS survey, 84% of health system decision makers stated that integration with their EHR system was the most compelling reason to explore third-party solutions.

How are you evaluating your EHR integration strategy?