FHIR interoperability considerations and impact on digital health integrations

Nick McKenzie

Group Product Manager

FHIR has matured: considerations for an effective integration strategy 

24% of healthcare companies utilize FHIR APIs at scale.

67% of providers and 61% of payers expect their organizations to use APIs at scale by 2023*.

As FHIR continues to underpin data sharing, its promise will be to give both providers and patients an incredibly rich set of functionalities within health IT systems. Having an effective integration strategy to deliver on the FHIR promise will help you succeed within FHIR’s current state of unique limitations while providing interesting ways that you can add additional value to your customers today.

Nick McKenzie, Group Product Manager at Redox will guide you through:

  • FHIR in our world today
  • Why FHIR needs to be implemented
  • Integration workflow challenges and opportunities