Prepare for Better Conversations

2022 HIMSS market insights to guide remote patient monitoring (RPM) and care coordination solution vendors

Say goodbye to guesswork. Base your talk track on the latest HIMSS research.

This exclusive HIMSS report delivers an inside look at health systems’ current attitudes, priorities, and expectations for RPM and care coordination solutions. It also uncovers the future capabilities they’d like to see from your solution in the next three years.

This research will help you:

  • Predict health systems’ expectations for implementation and integration
  • Identify and remove dealbreakers
  • Prioritize the right functionalities on your solution roadmap

Results preview

“When given the choice between a solution that’s best for a use case, and a technology that’s inferior —but is compatible with their EHR and existing systems —many HCOs will go with the lesser solution.”

– Prepare for Better Conversations, HIMSS and Redox, 2022

Survey Respondents

We surveyed technology decision makers at integrated delivery networks, multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, and standalone/specialty hospitals.

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