How to sell to hospitals and get your product live

Build a hospital sales strategy for connected health products

Sell to hospitals training

Get your kit and launch your sales pitch for success

Everything you need to close and launch with confidence

There are many ways to start your relationship with your next hospital customer. Organizing and approaching that relationship strategically can be the difference between closing a deal and an empty pipeline. What are the levers that you can pull to help improve your chances of success?

This sales kit for hospital sales includes everything you need to organize your approach to sales and kickoff with hospitals:

  • 2+ hours of video training on sales and post-sales for hospital deals
  • Worksheets to help you organize your account and identify opportunities
  • Manage stakeholders and understand their core needs
  • Tie regulation and quality standards to your connected product
Redox is an enabling technology for hospital sales. Our EHR integration network includes over 750 provider organizations in addition to HIEs and programs like PCC and CareQuality Interoperability Framework. With Redox you can integrate with these providers faster and barriers to integration approval are removed with our relationships and experience that come from building such a robust network.