Jeff Englander, In the bullpen

with Jeff Englander

How AI and Cloud are transforming healthcare

with special guest
Dr. David Rhew, MD
Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare

Get beyond the hype and see how AI and cloud are actually making a difference

The recent developments with AI technology have inspired everyone to think about how work and healthcare as a whole will change. That change comes at a time when healthcare institutions are only beginning to embrace cloud computing and the transformation it enables. And of course cloud is the prerequisite for AI and other transformative technologies.

But how can CIOs embrace the innovation unlocked by the cloud? Is there promise in AI beyond the hype?

We are back in the bullpen with Jeff Englander and special guest David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer and VP of Healthcare at Microsoft. Jeff will bring his deep connection to the industry to talk with David about healthcare’s current state and bright future with AI and cloud.

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