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How to use virtual nursing to improve care and reduce clinician burnout

Gemma Lowery, ChristianaCare

with special guest
Gemma E. Lowery, MBA, CATC
CVH Technology Manager of Digital Solutions

Gemma E. Lowery, MBA, CATC – Christiana Virtual Health Technology Manager of Digital Solutions, has years of experience operating virtual care programs and has significantly expanded ChristianaCare’s telemedicine offerings. As a virtual care veteran, Gemma has developed concrete strategies that have delivered real benefits for both clinicians and patients.

In this conversation, you will learn how virtual care can:

  1. Increase patient access to care, reaching those in remote or underserved areas.
  2. Deliver cost-effective care through technology, benefiting both patients and healthcare systems.
  3. Enhance care coordination and collaboration among healthcare professionals.
  4. Reduce clinician burnout by streamlining processes and addressing workload challenges.

Learn the secrets of a virtual care expert