Measuring and delivering
value in health tech

Jeff Englander, In the bullpen

Jeff Englander

Healthcare Strategist

Do you know your customer’s KPI? Jeff Englander is back to show you how to measure and deliver value in health tech. This event is the capstone for the product commercialization series. It combines many of the lessons learned across the series to give you a tidy manual on what matters most for every product – customer value. 

Jeff Englander dives deep into how health tech buyers think about value (hint: it’s not just revenue).  Product teams that understand these fundamentals can address pain points and can create real ROI for your buyers.

What you will learn

  • What to measure as ROI
  • Key Metrics to measure and how to measure the ‘unmeasurable’
  • How to identify, test and validate conclusions
  • Connect all of it to reimbursement