Overcome the data roadblocks of cloud with Redox + Google

Kanwarpreet Sethi

Kanwarpreet Sethi
Health Product Manager
Google Cloud

Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie
Group Product Manager

The information healthcare leaders and administrators need is often siloed across multiple legacy IT systems and organizations. This data is difficult to access, buried deep in the patient record or spread across databases that don’t speak to each other. It may take organizations years to exact and normalize. 

Together, Redox and Google Cloud enable provider organizations and health plans to maximize the use of their legacy system data in a single cloud database up to 80% faster than other solutions. Redox leverages an extensive integration library, perfected over the course of 5000+ integrations to transform legacy data standards to FHIR® for faster and easier ingestion to Google Cloud’s Healthcare API and Healthcare Data Engine. These tools enable an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data, and unleash the true power of Google’s suite of cloud-native analytics and AI tools to derive insights and improve outcomes for patients, clinicians, and members.

Watch the webinar for a conversation with Product Managers from Google and Redox to learn:

  • Why healthcare data transformation from legacy standards to FHIR is critical for success with Google Cloud
  • How data interoperability challenges create barriers and delays to cloud ingestion projects
  • How Redox + Google have joined forces to accelerate cloud project timelines for health systems, payers, and digital health vendors

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