10 rules of the provider sales process

Jeff Englander, In the bullpen

Jeff Englander

Healthcare Strategist

The best product in the world won’t sell if you can’t communicate the value in terms the provider is receptive to

If you can catch them in a candid conversation, every provider CIO will tell you the same thing- “Most product pitches don’t speak to my needs at all.” That’s because despite all of the process and rigor around product management, product teams often haven’t communicated how they solve real pain points that impact decision making beyond a surface level.

Product-provider fit is everything but only when there’s a strategy for communicating value as it relates to provider’s critical needs.

This talk is for product and sales teams who want to improve the success of their sales conversations.

What you will learn

  • The questions product teams need to answer to enable their sales teams to be successful.
  • The essential needs on the provider side that every sales and marketing executive should know before the first meeting.
  • The why behind these needs and how to follow industry changes to adapt your positioning.


  • Jeff Englander, Healthcare Strategy Bullpen

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