How do digital health companies sell to health systems?

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Let’s face it. Selling to health systems is one of the most difficult things on the planet. Perhaps up there with keeping the peace at family holiday gatherings or scoring the most coveted booth spot at HIMSS. But fear not – we have the tools you need to win even your most out-of-reach deal. 

Having witnessed first-hand the obstacles that health-tech organizations face selling their product to health systems, we have compiled a guide of effective tactics and strategies to set you up for success. Download this guide for some hard-learned lessons that may help you avoid a never-ending sales cycle.

What you’ll learn in this guide

  • Take a deep-dive into the health system POV and understand what decision-makers look for in a solution
  • Find your fit and customize your pitch based on healthcare outcomes
  • Learn when and how to position integration as part of your selling strategy

In a recent HIMSS survey, over 8 in 10 health system decision makers stated that “integration with my EHR” and “better functionality” were the most compelling reasons to consider third-party tech.

How are you positioning your solution to win?