The ultimate guide to convince healthcare CFOs your solution is the one to beat

Discover how to chip away at CFO objections like a pro and move your technology to the top of more health systems’ shortlists. 

Turn healthcare CFOs into solution champions guide

See what’s inside

  • How the CFO role has changed—and why it matters to you
  • The health tech categories getting increased funding from CFOs
  • The single capability that clears to the way to a conversation
  • Unexpected metrics CFOs are listening for in your pitch
  • Strategies to reduce the perceived risk of buying your solution
  • How to best showcase your solution’s value (it’s more than ROI)

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Six ways this guide helps you persuade CFOs your solution belongs on their shortlist

Stop the CFO’s “no” before it happens

Learn the CFO’s criteria for greenlighting a new solution. 

Sell through a champion

Find out how to reach elusive CFOs with your message. 

Calculate your solution’s value

Quantify your tech’s impact in the CFO’s language.

Emphasize clinical benefits

Yes, CFOs care about numbers, but they also care about people.

Help CFOs master tricky tradeoffs

Show how your solution saves costs and fuels growth. 

Roll back the presumed risk

Learn how to convince CFOs they can’t fail with your solution.