Redox’s 2023 product year in review

February 14, 2024
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

2023 was an exciting year for Redox’s product, engineering, and customer success teams. We delivered more than 20 new features and products to enhance platform capabilities, improve transparency and control, and bridge the gap across healthcare data specifications with powerful HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) API tools. 

We’ve also introduced features to support increased scale, including high-volume backfills. This functionality gives our customers the ability to quickly process large volumes of batch data—reducing the overall time to complete a backload from months to weeks or even days.

In this 2023 lookback, we’ll share standout product releases and updates with their impacts to Redox customers and the industry at large.

New partnerships

Strategic partnerships allow Redox to offer new, exciting functionality that aligns with and augments our core Redox Nexus, Nova, Access, and Chroma products. In 2023, Redox announced these key partnerships:

Learn more about Redox partners

Redox FHIR API tools

FHIR is a modern, adaptable, and fast way to exchange healthcare data at scale. The Redox FHIR API allows customers to bi-directionally exchange data with health system EHRs, including FHIR support for real-time event notifications, on-demand reads, and write-back into EHRs. 

Building with FHIR is a strategic decision, yet EHR FHIR servers are insufficient to fully support most interoperability workflows. What is supported in FHIR is also highly variable across EHRs. The Redox FHIR API bridges the gap between legacy protocols still required to support robust interoperability workflows, and the modern FHIR standard that EHRs are just starting to support.

In 2023, Redox released multiple new functionality to support the FHIR API, including:

How the Redox FHIR API interfaces with multiple sources of healthcare data through a single connection

Transparency and control

It’s important for Redox customers to feel a strong sense of ownership over their data and how it’s used, particularly as it relates to transparency, control, and security. The Redox team made a variety of improvements in 2023 to address ever-growing concerns around the privacy and security of healthcare data. 

Data processing

In 2023, Redox released custom traffic error monitoring and traffic alert rules to proactively notify customers of irregularities. When users create a traffic alert rule and the conditions of the rule are met, Redox will send an email to the designated user to quickly notify them of errors. Users can now monitor the health of integrations independently without relying on Redox support.  

Image showing data processing at Redox
Traffic alert rules details and options


The security of healthcare data and connections is paramount to Redox customers and stakeholders. One of our most impactful releases of 2023 was role-based access control (RBAC), giving our customers the ability to manage what their users can see and do in their Redox organizations on a more granular level. More enhanced access control mitigates the risk of leaking sensitive PHI (Protected Health Information) and reduces the chances of breaking changes with multiple users in the same environment.

Security entries at Redox
An example of permissions by environment

The Redox team also released a number of other security-centric features in 2023, including:

What’s next for Redox in 2024

Redox will continue to invest heavily in transparency and control in 2024, empowering our customers with more self-service functionality, error troubleshooting, and log enhancements. More robust workflow testing functionality is also on the horizon, as well as more advanced role-based access control for deeper, more customized control of access to sensitive data. We’re excited to share more as 2024 unfolds. Subscribe to the Redox Changelog to never miss an important product update.

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