AI applications in drug discovery with Kirsten Axelsen on Diagnosing Healthtech

February 9, 2024
Abbey Cox Team Lead, Marketing Projects

Despite modern technological and medical advancements, today’s drug discovery process is considered to be very expensive, lengthy, and inefficient. Does AI have the potential to revolutionize drug discovery as we know it today? According to the journal Nature, AI could yield “time and cost savings of at least 25–50%” in drug discovery up to the preclinical stage. 

On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, we talk with Kirsten Axelsen about the role of AI in drug development. Kirsten is a senior policy adviser for DLA and former Vice President of Strategy and New Business Assessment at Pfizer Innovative Health. She has over a 20-year career in biopharma business strategy and public affairs and focused on biopharma reimbursement and health policy.

You will learn:

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