Elevating transparency with Log Inspector

June 25, 2024
Elizabeth Ojo Senior Product Marketing Manager

At Redox, we’re on a mission to equip you with the essential tools to navigate your integrations autonomously and efficiently. Following Translation Sets, we’re thrilled to introduce Log Inspector, the latest addition to your expanding Redox integration toolbox. With Log Inspector, we’re enhancing your ability to see into the complexities of your integrations.

Log Inspector: Dive deep into your data

Understanding how data moves through your integration is crucial for troubleshooting and optimization. The Log Inspector feature allows you to enter a specialized mode within a log to examine the inputs and outputs at each processing step. This granular visibility means you can:

See it all, manage it all with Log Inspector and Translation Sets

Log Inspector joins our recently launched Translation Sets feature, offering you a robust toolkit for managing and optimizing your integrations. Translation Sets empower you to manage and translate values within any field you receive, providing essential flexibility in managing diverse coding systems. Together, these two features form a powerful combination, reinforcing our commitment to empowering you with comprehensive transparency and control over your integrations.

Transform your data with Redox

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our toolbox, with more features designed to enhance your control and visibility over your integrations. Learn more by visiting our dev docs.

Interested in learning more about Log Inspector?  Reach out to your Technical Account Manager or Account Executive. (Not sure who that is? No worries, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the right person.)