Challenges and opportunities in expanding access and equity in clinical trials with Tony Clapsis on Diagnosing Healthtech

April 8, 2024
Abbey Cox Team Lead, Marketing Projects

Clinical trials are notoriously inefficient. Almost 90% of trials fail to reach their recruitment goals and with dropout rates of about 30%, they also often lack representative access for many of the populations they are trying to reach. In fact, one study of the FDA data of drug approvals between 2014 and 2021 found that less than 20% had data regarding treatment benefits or side effects for Black patients.

So how do we make trials more equitable and diverse? What are the challenges and opportunities in expanding equity and access in clinical trials? On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, Tony Clapsis, current Board Member/Advisor and former President Clinical Trial Services: Senior Vice President at CVS, joins us for this very necessary and timely discussion. 

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