Cybersecurity, planning & disaster recovery with Marty Momdjian on Diagnosing Healthtech

January 26, 2024
Abbey Cox Team Lead, Marketing Projects

We all work in an industry that is constantly improving security practices, but so far, that improvement hasn’t been enough to counter the growth of cyberattacks. Last year was the worst year ever for attacks on healthcare organizations, with some calculations showing 1 in 3 Americans were impacted by a health data breach in 2023.

In this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, we’re joined by Healthcare Advisor Marty Momdjian, who has guided healthcare systems through Ransomware events, network breaches, and dealing with threat actors to Healthcare IT systems. Marty shares his expertise on how organizations can balance data accessibility and security, proactively stay up-to-date on the most current threats, and ensure they’ll always have the capabilities for uninterrupted patient care.

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