Digital Health Done Right: NeuroFlow

May 21, 2019
George McLaughlin Director of Solutions Marketing

Good news, everyone: the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly fading away. People, corporations and even payers are recognizing the need to treat the whole person—body AND mind. They’re looking for solutions that enhance and save lives. That’s why we’re excited to partner with a company focused on improving patient outcomes with innovative behavioral health solutions: NeuroFlow.

NeuroFlow began because a life was lost when a patient did not have access to and support for the behavioral health care he needed. This patient was a veteran who served alongside NeuroFlow’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Molaro. After being treated for injuries, the soldier was referred to a behavioral health specialist for depression. But he never set up an appointment. A few months later, he took his own life. The system should have been able to help him, but it didn’t.

This isn’t just a veteran issue. Depression and anxiety affect 10’s of millions of people every year.

Societal trends are pointing to more behavioral health issues. Cases of addiction are rising. Increases in behavioral health issues are leading to higher medical costs. The additional healthcare cost incurred by those with behavioral health morbidities is projected to be $406 billion. And, according to the American Journal of Psychiatry, mental illness costs the US $193.2 billion in lost earnings every year.

But there’s good news, remember?

Greater awareness of mental health and acceptance of treatment is prompting more and more people to seek help. Employers who aim to decrease turnover are investing in making happier and healthier workers. Payers are prioritizing ways to offer mental wellness tools and resources as a benefit for their members. Now, technology has caught up and is making it easier for patients and providers to stay connected throughout the patients’ health journey.

NeuroFlow was born out of a passion to serve others by thinking about how behavioral health can be properly integrated into the larger health care system.

As a digital health tech and analytics platform, NeuroFlow facilitates behavioral health access and engagement into physical health care settings. NeuroFlow streamlines the behavioral integration process from the moment a patient is diagnosed all the way to a provider being reimbursed for care.

Currently, when primary care physicians refer their patients to behavioral health specialists, as many as 50% of patients don’t follow through to make an appointment. And 70% of patients who drop out of treatment do so after just one session. Patients need to stay engaged with their behavioral health treatments to see improvement, so providers are looking for ways to address patient follow-through, engagement, and adherence to treatment plans. And they need to do this in a cost-effective, scalable way.

Asking clients or patients to journal is a common way providers try to engage with them between sessions. But that leads to more challenges: even if that person remembers to do the journaling homework, the provider has to store all that paper somewhere. Data that isn’t stored digitally is much harder for clinicians to track progress or view trends.

NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform empowers healthcare providers to assess, track, and engage patients using evidence-based practices to support their mental health. Their suite of tools enables remote monitoring and behavioral health integration across the continuum of care. And of course, their three main products are interoperable with any EHR thanks to their partnership with Redox. They’re obsessed with customer service, intentionally building flexibility into their platforms and tool kits.

Neuroflow team

Using NeuroFlow’s EngageBH™, mental health clinicians can automate time-consuming tasks. They can monitor patients remotely to track, assess, and measure the impact of their care, ultimately helping clinicians spend more of their time with patients instead of with paperwork.

Patients can engage with their doctors through NeuroFlow’s IntegrateHealth™, doing meditation exercises, using breathing guides, journaling, and completing validated assessments and screeners via a free, easy to use mobile application. IntegrateHealth™ brings behavioral health into non-behavioral health settings, including pain management, OBGYN, and other specialties. Built into the patient facing mobile app are all the modern features people expect: push notifications, intuitive and beautiful app design, even a behavioral economics system allowing users earn points that the patient can redeem for real-world rewards. As the patient progresses through the app, the provider receives a report, which also helps support collaborative care reimbursement codes.

Empower™, which is NeuroFlow’s self-service tool for population health management, helps larger U.S. based health insurers to comply with NCQA requirements and gain longitudinal, population-level insights into member mental health trends, allowing them to risk stratify their population and proactively engage with members needing higher levels of support.

Recent research projects on behavioral economics as well as partnerships with Lancaster General Hospital and Capital Blue Cross through their Smart Health Innovation Lab helped NeuroFlow validate and improve the life-changing value of their services. They are motivated to continue expanding into new spaces, especially when they receive patient feedback like this: “I love this program, I’m now able to actually engage in my mental health.”

NeuroFlow is removing the barriers for healthcare providers to adopt integrative medicine by enabling collaborative care and helping to bridge the gap between mental and physical health.

It’s an honor for Redox to play a role in this mission-led company.

If you’d like to learn more about how NeuroFlow is helping the 1 in 5 Americans who struggle with mental illness, visit their website at

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