Redox hydrates new GenAI solutions from Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s new generative AI-backed physician search was announced at HIMSS 2024. Learn how to maximize and accelerate this exciting new functionality with real-time data streaming via Redox.

What is redoxiness?

Redoxiness is the heart of our recruitment process. How it’s presented may vary by individual, but at its…

See into your Redox integrations with Translation Sets

What's Translations? With Translations, analysts gain more control and flexibility in managing codes and values within any field of their integration. Learn more about how to use this new functionality.

How to TEFCA with Redox

Will we or won't we? Our blog explains how we will participate in TEFCA as well as the benefits of connecting to a QHIN using Redox.

Optum cyber security event: Redox connections are secure

Last week Change Healthcare, part of Optum and United Health Group, was hit with a cyber security event. As a result, systems throughout the Change Healthcare network were shut down to help isolate and contain the incident. Systems are expected to be offline through at least Tuesday, 02/27/2024.

Six critical data security questions you should ask every healthcare…

How can you be sure your tech vendors will keep healthcare data safe? Drill down into security details like their HITRUST certification, safeguard testing, and cloud hosting.

How Redox + Google Cloud are powering generative AI in…

Redox and Google Cloud have worked together to activate millions of patient records and help providers and payers adopt AI tools faster. Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for the partnership in 2024.

Redox’s 2023 product year in review

2023 was a big year for Redox. Read our product year in review for a digest of our most impactful releases, including updates and new functionality to improve security, transparency, and control.

Redox unwraps interoperability in 2024

I called 2021 weird, then 2022 just as weird, but 2023? Decidedly weirder. This year I have Alex Peitz and Garrett Rhodes with me again to help me reflect on what we got right and wrong last year, and what we should be prepared for next in 2024.

[Recap] Deliver a future-proof AI strategy with a FHIR data…

Recent surveys revealed that 95% of health system executives believe cloud capabilities like AI and machine learning are…

Role based access control is launching

Tomorrow, December 14, 2023 at noon Central Time, Redox is launching role based access control.   Starting tomorrow you…

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