Healthcare IT gets a shoutout on Mr. Robot

June 14, 2016
Nick Hatt Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead

On the way back from my recent overseas adventures, I was lucky enough to binge watch the entire first season of Mr. Robot. The show is amazing and I highly recommend it!

In Episode 3, the main character (an elite hacker) ends up in a hospital and gives a pretty accurate breakdown of why healthcare is such an easy target for hackers.

The show in general is very accurate when it comes to security issues. I was going to write an article about security tips that can be gleaned from the show, but someone already beat me to it. Instead, I want to offer some additional insight on why healthcare IT is playing catch up on the security front and why Redox can help.

Security exists on a continuum 

It’s easy to think that security is a binary proposition: Either something is secure or it isn’t. The reality is that nothing is secure. That’s why HIPAA is focused on process and procedure and not a specific technology or certification program.

What this means in practical terms is that a health system’s IT team is a scarce resource. Mile long security questionnaires don’t guarantee security, but at the very least they buy time and enforce process.

Redox can help with scarcity

In the past, I’ve meditated on why incentives for a SaaS integration platform are well-aligned. The same goes for integration. Why should everyone write their own MLLP implementation? They shouldn’t!

Redox follows best practices on the health system side, and best practices on the web side, so you don’t have to hire more developers or put yourself at additional risk. We’re also ready to hit the ground running with any kind of security questionnaire you can throw at us.

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