The Redox Podcast 34: Reproduction and pediatrics pt 2: Dr. David Elkin, Executive Director of the Center for Advancement of Youth at University of Mississippi Medical Center

December 16, 2020
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Today on the show we have Dr. David Elkin. He is a pediatric clinical psychologist and founder and executive director of the Center for Advancement of Youth at University of Mississippi Medical Center. The center is a multi-disciplinary approach to coordinated for children with behavioral or developmental issues throughout Mississippi.

I’ve got to say that I really really enjoyed this conversation. We explored how social media/big tech and the pandemic are feeding into mental health issues in our youth as well as the technology being used and contemplated at UMMC to deliver more streamlined mental healthcare. Despite the serious nature of topics, this conversation still has moments of genuine levity.

I agree with the fact that we’re in a crisis a hundred percent. It’s a monumental shift in how kids interact. A monumental shift has taken place with social media, a monumental shift in how they access information about each other.

Dr. David Elkin

Key Moments:

0:00 – The social dilemma and the free market vs the derived market  0:00

4:30 – AI for digitizing human behavior; Using AI and digital knowledge of patients as a means of intervention. 

7:45 – How social media affects the youth

10:26 – Destigmatizing vs legitimizing 

12:00 – Lasting affects form the pandemic especially in youth

13:30 – How providers are feeling about connecting with patients via telehealth

15:58 – Center for the Advancement of Youth; what role the pandemic has played in its care model

22:52 – How  Dr. Elkin partners with providers to adjust care delivery 

24:10 – How care delivery is becoming scaled across Mississippi

26:50 – How Dr. Elkin and his colleagues at UMMC manage their telehealth offering

29:24 – How Remote Patient Monitoring works on the behavioral health side