Redox FHIR sandbox with writeback: A launchpad for flawless FHIR integrations

June 11, 2024
Jessica Bonham-Werling Head of Marketing

Some HL7® FHIR® sandboxes feel more like playgrounds than testing environments. They lack the ability to write back data, making it impossible to simulate the full lifecycle of your integrations, including how your system responds when receiving updates from other healthcare systems. This can lead to unexpected errors and delays when your integration goes live, potentially impacting patient care and creating costly rework.

Playtime is over. The Redox FHIR sandbox with writeback addresses these limitations, with a comprehensive testing environment that allows you to refine your workflows and ensure seamless integration before going live.

Sandbox features: Unleash the power of writeback

Test the entire journey: Go beyond basic testing with a comprehensive suite of FHIR actions. Simulate real-world scenarios with patient enrollment, data supplementation, and writeback. By replicating the complex, multi-step workflows you’ll encounter in production, you can proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your users.

Use our data or BYOD (bring your own data): Leverage a wealth of pre-populated test patient data encompassing a wide variety of FHIR resources, or create custom patient scenarios to mirror the specific needs of your solution. This flexibility ensures thorough testing under a variety of conditions, giving you the confidence that your integration can handle real-world data complexities.

From sandbox to success: Reap the benefits

Accelerate development: By leveraging the sandbox’s pre-populated data and writeback capabilities, your development team can quickly iterate and refine your integrations, reducing development time and accelerating your time to market.

Launch with confidence: Rigorous testing in the sandbox ensures that your integrations are production-ready within the Redox FHIR API ecosystem. Say goodbye to launch-day surprises and hello to smooth, seamless integrations.

Showstopper demos: Show, don’t tell. Showcase the true capabilities of data exchange during your demos to give decision-makers a clear understanding of the benefits they can expect. By demonstrating the ability of FHIR-powered integrations to handle complex workflows and data exchange, you’ll be able to move beyond theoretical discussions and prove the tangible benefits of your solution. 

Get started today

Current Redox customers: Access the FHIR sandbox with writeback directly from your Redox dashboard. Writeback actions are available to organizations with a “Pre-Production” or “Production” account. Check out our developer docs for detailed instructions and support.

New to Redox? Contact us to learn more about how the Redox FHIR sandbox and our comprehensive suite of healthcare data integration solutions can accelerate your success.

Don’t settle for a sandbox that limits your potential. Use the Redox FHIR sandbox with writeback and elevate your FHIR integrations to the next level.

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