Redox unveils new products built for the future of healthcare

April 11, 2023

When Redox was founded in early 2014, our mission was simple. Deliver the best “modern API” for developers building digital health solutions.

At the time, such a thing didn’t exist. While “digitized,” the majority of our nation’s healthcare data was stored in on-premise servers. Data exchange between systems was almost entirely facilitated via event-driven interfaces. All of that data was structured in healthcare specific formats (HL7v2, CDA, X12) that most full-stack developers had little to no familiarity with.

From our perspective, the rate limiting factor to healthcare innovation wasn’t good ideas or customer demand. It was developers with healthcare information technology (HIT) expertise. So we set out to make that a non-issue.

Last month, Redox’s modern API for healthcare data passed the 36 billion mark for messages processed on behalf of our customers. We can proudly share that we have delivered on our initial mission.

Today, a developer tasked with solving the “last mile” problem of healthcare data exchange doesn’t need an advanced degree in HIT. They don’t need a team familiar with establishing and maintaining VPNs. They simply need to read our documentation, talk with our team, and have a customer that has authorized the desired integration workflow. The barrier to innovation in healthcare is no longer developers with HIT expertise.

But that doesn’t mean we have realized the enormous potential of digital health. A decade of industry development has mostly served to introduce more complexity and raise expectations. Today’s innovators face new challenges.

Keeping up means our customers need the agility to respond and modularity across their technology stack. In response, Redox is evolving. In addition to our core product, we are unveiling four new products and professional services. These products were developed to enable a composable healthcare strategy for healthcare product teams, one that provides the ability to grow and react in the face of persistent change.

More information on each unique offering can be found below.

Redox Nexus

Compose differentiated digital health experiences

Redox Nexus is our flagship managed integration platform, reimagined. Our FHIR and RESTful APIs allow health tech builders to delight their users, modernize their tech stack, and scale with confidence. Translate legacy formats into FHIR with ease, process millions of messages while maintaining data integrity, and expand product reach by connecting to all systems with one powerful API.

Redox Nexus is best suited for product teams that are focused on delivering fully-optimized solutions. When full access to available data and next-level workflow integration is required, Redox Nexus is the answer. Learn more about how Redox Nexus supports product growth

Redox Nexus Lite

Demonstrate product value quickly

Redox Nexus Lite is the result of nearly a decade of supporting the integration needs of digital health product teams. We have identified a collection of data exchange workflows that support the needs of many digital health products. Available workflows deliver essential data and can be executed predictably. We offer Redox Nexus Lite at a reduced cost to startups because we know how hard it is for small teams to deliver integrated digital health solutions.

Redox Nexus Lite is best suited for startup product teams looking to integrate for the first time using tried-and-true healthcare integration workflows. Learn more

Redox Access

Participate in national clinical networks

Access is the best way for product teams to access and contribute clinical data to thousands of providers with a single legal agreement.* Enjoy an optimized path to participation in national clinical networks like Carequality and DirectTrust. Search for patient records, request patient documents, send patient records, and respond to external inquiries as required by clinical networks with a single API.

Access is best suited for products that need to access clinical data from hundreds (thousands) of healthcare organizations but don’t need to deliver complicated data back to every customer. This is especially powerful for telehealth, patient referral, and care coordination products. Learn more about how Access helps you use clinical networks

*Each clinical network has unique eligibility requirements products must adhere to in order to leverage this product.

Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato

Solve patient identity challenges

At scale, confirming “John Doe” from Yale New Haven is the same “John Doe” at Johns Hopkins is surprisingly complicated. Today, 35% of denied claims are due to inaccurate patient matching and nearly 24% of all medical records are duplicates. In response to feedback directly from our customers about patient identity management complexity, we have partnered with Verato, to provide the industry-leading EMPI product to Redox customers.

Chroma EMPI powered by Verato provides a single source of truth for patient identity. Link patient identity records within and across multiple disparate data sources for higher quality decision-making, operational efficiency, and an improved patient experience.

Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato is best suited for any organization that struggles with patient identity challenges. Complex integrations with complicated patient databases lead to sunken revenue spent on manual reconciliation effort and poor patient experiences. Redox Chroma allows customers to add this functionality with their existing Redox API in record time. Learn more about Chroma EMPI powered by Verato

Redox Nova

Accelerate the move to Google, Amazon, and Microsoft health cloud environments

One of the most exciting developments in digital health is the evolution of healthcare-specific cloud environments. Organizations today have the ability to take advantage of previously unavailable technology provided by industry leaders. Redox has partnered with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure to support the translation and normalization of legacy data standards to FHIR. This ensures all health data can be ingested into clinical data repositories and used by cloud-native machine learning and AI tools to generate deeper patient and workflow insights.

Nova is best suited for organizations that are making a strategic investment in one of the listed health clouds and need a way to transform their existing data. Learn more about how Nova helps enterprises use the cloud

Redox Professional Services

Supplement your team with digital health experts

Over the years it has become clear that our customers value the expertise and strategic support our team provides. Our position working with thousands of healthcare organizations and hundreds of digital health products exposes us to unique challenges and edge use cases. This provides our team with nuanced views on the industry and valuable perspectives for teams looking to solve challenges and strategize future offerings.

Redox Professional Services provide an option for teams that want to leverage Redox expertise for product strategy, project management, sales preparation, and even some development work.

Redox Professional Services are best suited for organizations actively evolving product strategy, training their internal sales team, and/or supporting product delivery. This is also a path for organizations to work with Redox before any integration projects have been identified.

Here at Redox, we are more bullish than ever about digital health. We believe that novel technologies developed by brilliant teams have the power to solve many of our industry’s biggest problems. This belief is why we will continue to evolve our offerings to support the needs of digital health’s doers.
To learn more about any of Redox’s offerings, simply send us a message. Our team would love to learn more about what you are building and share how we can help you realize your vision.