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Accelerate your product launch with Redox Nexus Lite

Bring your solution to life with quick, simple integration

Innovators can connect to the healthcare data they need, regardless of its format or source with Redox Nexus Lite. Quickly connect to any health systems and start exchanging data without having to master the intricacies of myriad systems, legacy standards, and staffing an integration team.

How Nexus by Redox works

Unlock new workflows

Automate tasks and enhance end-user experience with real-time data exchange. Use more patient data to test and refine product features, and gain valuable insights to inform product development.

Get live faster

Reduce your implementation timeline by focusing on select integrations, enabling you to rapidly adapt to evolving customer needs. Minimize tech debt by integrating health data correctly from the start.

Scale with ease

Develop richer APIs while confidently transferring data using the highest security protocols. Utilize our enterprise infrastructure to connect with any system as your product matures and your business expands.

Redox Nexus Lite features

  • Bi-directional data exchange
  • Robust data transformation (standardization and normalization)
  • One preferred FHIR API
  • System monitoring and alerting
  • Comprehensive development, testing, and management tools

The Redox FHIR API is developed in line with the latest recommendations as determined by HL7®

Redox Nexus Lite use cases

Listen api action

Listen for patient registration, admission, and scheduling updates

REDO Lookup patients with custom demographics or IDs

Retrieve discrete patient data to power
your workflow

Use simple integrations to complete your solution without a long, hard, and expensive implementation process

Nexus Lite jumpstarts you business and simplifies health data integration, allowing for easy connection without complexity or cost. Hit the ground running with common integrations and ensure the long term success of your business.

What others are saying about Redox

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Redox had the integration expertise, in a cost-effective and fast way. It was one more set of technical skills I didn’t have to hire. The price structure was appealing and cheaper than what I could do internally.

Ed Barthell
CEO, EmOpti

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To be successful, digital health solutions require frictionless data flow for the consumer and clinicians. We have done that for the consumer with integrations into their devices. Redox has taken an inside-out approach with the interoperability of EHRs, which is why we are excited to partner with them. Together, we are paving the way for the entire industry.

Anand Lyer
Chief Strategy Officer, Welldoc

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With Redox, we can ensure access to information across myriad IT systems used to deliver and document care to get a comprehensive view of a patient and to ensure their high-quality healthcare journey.

Mark Switaj
CEO, Roundtrip

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