Video Panel: Analyzing the Integration Landscape for Telemedicine in 2020

Posted July 28, 2020
By David Millsaps

With new health system urgency and interoperability regulation, there are unfamiliar pressures on telemedicine providers to deliver value at scale. 

That pressure coincides with more integration options than ever before: trusted networks, HIEs, EHR Marketplaces, all with differing connectivity, standards, and data types. The result is confusion about what method makes the most sense for your product and your customers.

Watch three of Redox’s sharpest experts, Paige Goodhew, Yi Liao, and Nijay Patel, for a discussion of the telemedicine integration landscape and the benefits and trade-offs of each solution:

  •  the technical and business requirements commonly used in telehealth integration,
  • how traditional integration methods compare to new ones
  •  identify the product implications specific to your offering based on your choice.