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You focus on connecting patients with providers to keep everyone safe. We’ll take care of connecting you with EHRs to keep the continuity of care in place.

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The Problem

The best way to provide healthcare in the world of social distancing is to use telemedicine as much as possible. For this to happen, these solutions must integrate seamlessly with existing patient care systems like EHRs and provide a great user experience to caregivers and patients. If a telehealth solution falls short in any of these areas, patients and caregivers will revert to traditional methods.

The Solution

Redox standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides a single, easy to use API for exchanging healthcare data with any partner making rapid deployment of fully integrated telehealth solutions possible. When integrated properly, access to comprehensive, accurate information and ease of use results in higher adoption rates at a time when offering virtual care solutions couldn’t be more critical.

“Cloud DX knew that to attempt an integration of remotely gathered vital signs into the Epic patient record, on such a tight timeline, would require the assistance of a team with deep knowledge of Epic and EMR integration in general. We reached out to Redox and have been nothing less than deeply impressed with the speed, professionalism, and talent of the team.”

Robert Kaul, CEO, Cloud DX

Your Healthcare Data Foundation Built for Scale

Get your data how you want it when you want it while enjoying best-in-class security.
We make possible the distribution of workflow-optimized Telehealth solutions.

Standardized Data Format

Use a standardized data format with normalized values across all of your healthcare data partners.

Consistent Availability

Acquire data on-demand or as events occur the same way across your entire customer base.

Best-in-Class Security

Keep patient data secure with HITRUST certified and HIPAA/SOC2 compliant infrastructure.

Execute Meaningful Workflow Integrations

Send and receive core data elements with any Primary Care System of Record, Healthcare Network or Enterprise Support Software to make your Telehealth solution a viable alternative to traditional care methods.

Bidirectional Scheduling

Receive appointments directly from patients or care coordinators along with all necessary demographic information. Facilitate direct scheduling to other providers for follow-ups as needed.

Medical Record Retrieval

Request a patient medical history to ensure a comprehensive understanding and reduce unnecessary documentation.

Patient Record Updates

Document patient interactions directly within the EHR. Record notes, update medications, and associate media files directly at the patient record level.

Initiate Orders

Refer patients to a specialist, place an order for labs, and initiate medication prescriptions directly from your Telehealth application while keeping everything in sync.

How It Works

Connect to Redox

Health data exchange powered by Redox is powered by a single API. Acquire your API Keys, establish an endpoint to receive data, and configure your application to receive and send data following our data model specifications.

Establish Connections

Health data exchange relies on proof of authorization. You work with us to confirm a data-sharing relationship has been authorized and we get the data flowing as designed.

Monitor Subscriptions

All data exchanged using Redox is monitored 24/7 with best in class alerting tools. Use your Redox Dashboard to review messages and troubleshoot errors.

Resources for Telehealth

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Optimize how your Telehealth solution integrates and get your solution in the hands of patients and providers today.