Visualize your connections and data flow within the dashboard

November 30, 2021
Mike Product Manager

Today, we’re releasing an update to the Dashboard to better communicate how data can be exchanged via Redox.

Specifically, we’re introducing a new page called “Connections” within the left-hand sidebar that will contain a list of the organizations that you can exchange data with. Selecting a connection from this page will allow you to see more details about that connection, including related subscriptions and a new visual representation of subscriptions under the “Data Flow” tab. 

Data flow arrows expand upon subscriptions by indicating the direction of data transfer and the action taken by each party for a given interaction, while also providing quick links to view further details or to jump right to the relevant Log search for that type of data. 

As a result of this change, the previous Subscriptions page will no longer be accessible via the main navigation, and individual subscription entries will remain available via the “Subscriptions” tab on each connection page for a limited time.

Please let us know if you have any feedback by clicking on the feedback tab on the bottom right-hand side of each of these new pages. We’re looking forward to continuing to improve and simplify the Redox Dashboard experience and welcome any feedback or suggestions to help us along the way!

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