Vital Lines May 2023

May 31, 2023
Shelly Lucas Creative Director

FTC tightens data privacy reins on digital apps

The FTC’s proposed changes to its Health Breach Notification Rule say health apps and trackers will be penalized for not alerting consumers about data leaks.

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Provider disappointments, misinterpreted

25% of providers feel health tech vendors haven’t kept their promises in the past year. Vendors firmly believe they know why…except they may not, says KLAS.

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Obesity care: Digital health’s big market play

Right now, digital health solutions make up 55% of the obesity care market. Rock Health explains how market entrants are milking this opportunity.

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DEA extends telemedicine flexibilities

Responding to a record-breaking 38,369 public comments, the DEA has temporarily extended COVID-19 waivers for prescribing controlled substances via telemedicine.

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Therapy app reimbursement hacks

While the FDA has authorized several digital therapeutic products, CMS still isn’t reimbursing providers. Fortunately, some companies have found workarounds.

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RPM curbs hospital-at-home costs

Looking for an ROI benchmark for RPM? This em>Journal of Medical Internet Research article quantifies RPM’s impact on hospital-at-home programs.

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Care coordination: A patient’s second job?

A new AAPA poll finds people spend up to eight hours every month on care coordination and healthcare navigation. Can PAs be part of the solution?

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A little less outreach, a lot more understanding

Even with the best outreach tool, engagement can fizzle. Providers need to understand their patients better, and behavioral economics may help.

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Boost customer bottom lines with better data

Prime your solution for patient-centered care with a single source of truth for accurate patient identification. Introducing Chroma, powered by Verato.

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