Redox / Values

What drives us

We hire on the basis of values, and coach people based on our values. They represent the foundation of our culture and how we want to interact with each other and the world.

Growth mindset

Live in your learning zone.

Having a growth mindset means that we strive to be better and know that through effort and discipline we can be. Challenges, feedback, disagreements are all opportunities to learn and grow. We work toward improvement, rather than perfection and seek out work that aligns with our strengths.

Being a Redoxer means having a growth mindset


Strive to create an environment where every Redoxer can thrive.

It is fundamental to our success that every Redoxer, from every background, identity, and circumstance, feels like they belong and can contribute. We actively choose to build a safe environment where Redoxers can show up authentically so that we can all act with confidence and perform at our highest levels, both individually and collectively. This allows us to co-create the company, ecosystem, and industry we want to be a part of. 

Redoxers are the foundation of our culture

Give a sh*t!

Care about the impact of your work.

At Redox we give a shit about the work we do. The scale of our impact is massive and ripples outward. Our success means improving the experience for patients, clinicians, and our industry as a whole. We have the ability to reduce costs and improve health outcomes for millions of people. The fact that we give a shit impacts how we work at Redox. It is this greater purpose that drives us.

Redoxers care about the work we do

Join our team

Work from anywhere with other people who enjoy meaningful challenges.