What is redoxiness?

March 28, 2024
Oneshia Willis

Redoxiness is the heart of our recruitment process.

How it’s presented may vary by individual, but at its core, it represents a shared set of behaviors and principles that all Redoxers aim to embody consistently, internally among ourselves, and outwardly with our customers.

We are a values-based company with a unique culture that sets us apart, and we crave a team of passionate individuals who are inspired by our ambitious vision and goal from Day 1. Our interview process is carefully designed to evaluate not only skills and qualifications but also ensure alignment with our culture. It’s crucial that candidates resonate with our values, benefiting not just Redox, but also with each candidate – and this is where Redoxiness comes into play!

A comprehensive term that encapsulates all of our values, Redoxiness serves as our yardstick to gauge alignment. We actively seek candidates who not only possess the capability  to meaningfully contribute to our vibrant culture but also enhance it with their diverse perspectives and experiences. Guided by the principles of Redoxiness, our goal is to build a team of passionate Redoxers who are exceptional in their roles and share our vision of helping transform healthcare.

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