What is Redoxiness?

Posted July 8, 2021
By Dietke Fowler

Culture works with or without explicit knowledge of its workings. However, I have come to find lots of appreciation for Redox’s culture and how it works. If you work (or consider working) at Redox, a more explicit understanding of a part of our culture may prove helpful in contributing to it. If you are studying highly functional remote teams, you may also find value in this post.

It all starts here: Our culture is the single-most-important factor in us achieving our goals. I’ve often wondered about this sentence, so here’s my attempt at explaining it.

We have ambitious goals: Our purpose is to make healthcare data useful. Our current goal is to enable the frictionless adoption of technology in healthcare. The more I reflect on these, the more I appreciate their magnitude. In the US, we are still far away from useful healthcare data, which means there are still innumerable unknown challenges to overcome.

Our values prepare us for what we don’t know: We haven’t figured it all out yet, but with the right people collaborating effectively, we may just get there. We know a little bit of what lies ahead, and there are some behavioral patterns we can already foresee will be helpful. The rest is unknown. How we act and how we treat each other – in short, our culture based on our values – is the tool that will help us reach success with our big, hairy, and audacious goal (BHAG).

What describes this values-based culture: There are 5 Redoxiness traits that we believe are central. I often think of them in 2 groups: 

Humble, People Smart, and Hungry: Imagine working with colleagues who don’t usually put themselves first, who resolve instead of creating conflict, and who are eager to succeed. That’s what we’re after because we find that it creates strong teams where work is enjoyable.

Understands Why and Adaptable: We don’t know what the future holds, but we know we’ll need to come up with effective strategies and plans – and we know that we’ll need to change and adapt to new conditions as we learn and grow. We are therefore looking for and coaching our team to Understand the Why before making decisions, and to be adaptable to new situations.

Our values help us in hiring and coaching: The 5 Redoxiness traits are found in every “walk of life”. During hiring and coaching Redoxers, we pay special attention to how our people can and do contribute to these traits. How Redoxiness surfaces from person to person is different – dependent on their strengths, role, and level of experience. However, being humble, people smart, hungry, understanding of the why, and adaptable is what unites us and forms the basis of our culture.

Our culture is the single most important factor in us achieving our goals: In conclusion, what we call Redoxiness is really 5 personal traits that show up in our behavior. They enable us to trust each other to act in the best interests of the team in challenging and complex situations that we cannot predict ahead of time. 

They are also foundational to most Redoxers’ answer to “What do you like best about Redox?”  – “The people.”

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