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Our new and proven collaborative model of care achieves better outcomes and higher levels of engagement than traditional, non-hybrid models. By combining personalized, interdisciplinary treatment with a relationship-based support ecosystem, we’ve built a new way to care. We are attacking a growing healthcare problem in a new way. Our StrongWell™ program was created to support and positively encourage those who are living substance exposed lives. By connecting existing solutions with our proven methodology, lives are being changed. StrongWell aligns with payer and provider goals, and gives MCOs another option in the fight against substance use. Together, we create a risk-free care model which finds and engages members, increases access, reduces cost and improves the member experience. Our skilled care teams immediately fill gaps in care by providing support and community resources to patients. This model helps to avoid short-term costs and reduces long-term impacts. We provide personal and professional behavioral healthcare in-between provider office visits. This model provides patients with better care. StrongWell aligns with a variety of initiatives which address substance use, behavioral health and the desire for all state citizens to be productive employees. Fellow physicians, 180 Health Partners is going to make your job easier. You’re not going to have to worry about whether your patients are getting the care they need, the counseling, care plan re-enforcement, between office visit check-ins and insights, support in reducing stress and stabilizing the home, and more, because 180 is a one-stop shop, with a team model of caring for the patient.

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Behavioral health

Behavioral health organizations are dedicated to the betterment of mental health and well-being. Their primary focus is to address a wide range of behavioral and emotional challenges, including mental health disorders and substance abuse. Through counseling, therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and community outreach, these organizations strive to promote mental wellness and provide the necessary support for individuals to lead fulfilling lives. By emphasizing preventive care, early intervention, and comprehensive treatment approaches, behavioral health organizations play a pivotal role in nurturing and enhancing mental health in our communities.

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