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At Galion Community Hospital, our mission is to constantly improve the health and well-being of those we serve. We always strive to put the patient first and to continuously improve the service we provide. You can help us serve you better by letting us know your thoughts on our performance or any patient safety issues. Confidential Feedback forms are available to you through the employee in charge of your care unit, the department, through the Patient Care Coordinator by calling our Care Hotline at 419-468-0502. Your suggestions will be handled in a strictly confidential fashion and we will respond to let you know the results of your suggestion. Did you receive exceptional service ? At Galion Community Hospital, our staff is constantly working to make your visit as pleasant as possible. If we met or exceeded your expectations of service, please let us know. Nothing brightens our day more than knowing we have served you well. If you would like to nominate one of our associates, a team or even an entire department for recognition of exceptional service, please contact the Patient Care Coordinator by calling 419-468-0502.

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