Crescent City Surgical Centre


AKA: Obsequio Hospital Ventures
Crescent City Surgical Centre, located in Metairie, LA, is owned by a combination of surgeons and Louisiana Children’s Medical Center. Our complete focus is on convenience, quality, individualized patient care. Patients are able to get labs, X-rays, CT, and scheduling all on the same floor. The Centre offers expedited procedure scheduling without long waiting lists. Additionally, a desirable nurse-to-patient ratio affords each patient personalized care. The Centre features eight operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and advanced technologies and procedures such as the da Vinci Robotic Laparoscopic Procedure, which provides less bleeding, faster recovery time, decreased tissue damage, and smaller scars.

Twenty VIP private rooms are available for those whose loved ones wish to stay overnight. Catered restaurant-style meals are served and designed to meet each patient’s personal dietary needs.

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