b.well: Connected Health

The b.well connected health platform provides an all-in-one integrated solution for consumer engagement, holistic health management, and cost containment. Our use of longitudinal aggregated data creates a complete picture of health for each consumer and is aggregated to allow for true population health management. Our unique approach to partner integration allows our customers to change their programs in real-time as the health needs of their population change, not on an annual sales cycle. With the b.well platform there is one contract, one implementation and the elimination of point-solution fatigue. We provide real-time transparent dashboards to all customers highlighting return on investment, cost containment opportunities, engagement metrics and outreach campaign outcomes, clinical risk factors and disease states. b.well supports health plans, health systems, employers and pharmaceutical companies to bring their digital strategy to life and enables them to provide their employees, members and patients with the one thing they do not have today; one place to manage all aspects of their health.

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