Fibroblast: Referral Management & Patient Leakage

The smarter way to manage your referral network. Build and manage high-performance referral networks to increase revenue, reduce value-based risk, and improve patient outcomes.

We turn raw data into actionable insights. Our proprietary algorithms map network referral patterns and quantify lost revenue due to referral leakage. This allows our clients to identify and target areas of strategic and financial growth.

Our provider-patient matching algorithms deliver critical network, quality, cost, and data accessibility to the point of care. This reduces leakage by guiding referrals to the highest value in-network providers.

We replace inefficient, often paper-based workflows with transparent scalable workflows – built by physicians for physicians. Our workflow can be embedded in existing EMR workflows or deployed as a stand-alone web application. This allows providers to manage referrals across a provider network where EMRs may not otherwise connect.

Our analytics engine allows providers and payers to see referral patterns in real-time. Analytics allow health systems to tie network, access, and quality KPIs to financial ROI.

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