Join the only truly interoperable network in healthcare.

Our process is straightforward: you tell us what healthcare information you need to exchange with whom, and we outline exactly how we'll satisfy your requirements. From there, we move forward on the integration project together.

Review the path to building on top of and going live with Redox below. When you're ready, give us a ring.


Solution Matching

The common thread across our partners is the need to exchange healthcare data. Beyond that, the requirements vary wildly.

No matter where they go, all of our partnerships begin with a conversation. We take the time to learn about your organization's needs and outline how we'll leverage our platform and services to satisfy your unique use case.



Selecting a healthcare integration solution is a big decision. That's why we've developed sandbox environments that allow you to see first-hand what integration with Redox looks like. Build a lightweight proof of concept and move forward confidently.

Get up and running with the Redox API > 



The nature of our business is to establish data-sharing relationships between multiple entities. Before introducing another party, it's best to finalize expectations and agree to terms. At this stage, we'll iron out pricing and make service and support responsibilities clear.


Project(s) Identification

There's only so much we can do before you have a customer or partner who wants to begin exchanging data with you. When you have a specific project in mind, our team will take you through the discovery process to answer site-specific questions and finalize the integration project plan.



After the project has been identified and sufficiently scoped, all that's left is to execute on the plan. Our Customer Success team will work closely with all involved parties to drive the project to completion.

For specifics on the stages and timelines of an implementation, review "The Road to Going Live". 


Optimization & Growth

The true benefits of the Redox Platform are realized at scale. Thanks to our hub-and-spoke design, each subsequent project will require fewer and fewer development resources.

To make things even better, our existing network of partners represent potential clients that can be integrated with minimal work on either side. After project one, our focus turns to helping you grow as quickly as possible.


Ready to get started?

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